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As such, young Fijian artiste Isireli Mainavukea, better known as Tua released a single “We Live” late last year not only to entertain youngsters but to send a message that it is important to be happy in life.


The song which was recorded in November, was released two days prior to Christmas and its video clip was released recently with the hope of putting a picture to the story.


“The song is like a happy song, mainly focused on young people and how to live life to the fullest and always have fun at the end of the day,” Tua said.


“The song was actually put together by myself, Epi Nasaroa and Savuto Vakadewavosa when we were just lazing around one Sunday afternoon and we came up with the song.”


Whatever you do in life, whatever circumstance you may come across, no matter how difficult the obstacles in your way, it is important to always enjoy life and at the end of the day you are a happy person.


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