Music Judges shortlist winners | FPRA Music Awards

BY the end of today, the names of the winners of musicians from around the country would be chosen for the Fiji Performing Rights Association (FPRA) Music Awards.Seven judges from a colourful calibre of music backgrounds have been working tirelessly to come up with the best who are to be rewarded for their work come May 14, 2016 at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva.


Simione Sevudredre, a Language & Media expert with the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs is one of the new membes of the FPRA Music Awards Judging Panel. Photo: Facebook


FPRA Music Awards co-ordinator Seru Serevi, in an interview yesterday, said work carried out by the judges was a very important part for the awards itself.


Judges (R-L): Igele Ete (from the USP Oceania Centre for Arts & Culture is Head Juge. * Igelese Ete (head judge); Bex Nabouta a local musician originally from New Zealand and is a music teacher at the International Secondary School, Roneel Narayan is the head of the Hindustani language radio station Radio Sargam. Akuila Qumi a local music events marketing expert brings over 30 years of music programmes coordination, radio announcing and music events coordination, Simione Sevudredre is an Itaukei Language and Media Expert with the Government’s Ministry of Itaukei Affairs, Hendrick de Jong of Suva company Magnum Productions brings over 30 years of local video production expertise, Natera Cati is the (Band Master) head of the Band Programme at the Fiji National University. Photo: Lusi Tokaduadua/FPRA Roneel Lal, Mire Cati, Henrik De Jong, Akuila Qumi, Bex Nabouta


“The next two days (Saturday and Sunday) will decide the top three from each category so to all vying candidates this will either make or break them because if they win, it will give them more boost to work,” Serevi said. “We are happy with the calibre of judges we have and they will be judging the 14 categories that are on offer,” he said.


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