Leba Boi Yawa Kei Lomai Nasau launch new album

LEBA Boi Yawa kei Lomai Nasau has one major focus for its Fijian fans and followers — to compose songs that relate to each and every Fijian. Not only love songs but those that affect our daily lives and songs which may help inspire other people as well.

The group which launched its fifth volume at Suva’s Civic Centre on Friday hit Fiji’s music industry last year with its hit song O Iko Mo Noqu. This was also the number one song for the Viti FM top 100 songs last year.

Their collections are not only loved by Fijians locally but also those living abroad and this has even prompted them to release as many songs as possible for the sake of their fans who have to look forward to any new release from them.

This album boosts new songs which look at damage caused by Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston, the Ratu Kadavulevu School U18 Deans-winning team, the MV Nabukelevu and other songs which are set to hit Fiji’s music industry soon.

“People should expect something much better than Volume 4 which was released last year,” Mr Dugulele said.

“For this album, the hit song is O Iko Mo Noqu Ka Talei and it basically talks about the valued relationship between a couple, trust and bond they have for each other.

“Volume 5 has a variety of songs and does not focus on love stories only and this is the main message we try and get across to our audience.”

Mr Dugulele said the band also composed its songs based on calls and messages they received as feedback about their previous releases.

These are basically stories of people’s lives, relationships and what they may encounter in life.

Following last Friday’s launch at Suva’s Civic Centre, Mr Dugulele also promised much bigger and better releases from the band in the near future.

“Our fans can expect something different, something unique and something rare because it is not just about entertainment, it is about getting the message across to our listeners about the power of stories that are told through songs.

“Often,we hear stories of love songs but little do we know that there are songs about things happening around us.”

The large crowd gathered for the new release in Suva last Friday is also a sign of better days for the young band based at Davuilevu Housing near Nausori.

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