‘Coming Home’ – Nem and Talei – Story Behind the Song

HAVING to be away from home is not always easy for a Fijian. However, it’s just one of those things one has to endure because some of their family members and loved ones have to live and work abroad so they can earn and support their families here in Fiji.

And what many Fijians abroad look forward to is the release of a new song about Fiji because it gives them the feeling of being home even though they are thousands of miles away from home.

Dynamic couple Nemani Vanua and Talei Draunibaka would probably be the first to sing together a song to address this sense of loneliness or disconnect. Their latest single, “I’m Coming Home” is all about making Fijians abroad feel like they are in their homes here in Fiji. The uniqueness of this song is that it has both English and iTaukei lyrics because they wanted people to have a feel of what Fiji really is.

“Nem and I were based in China for three years and the first day we were there was like a culture shock. But we then got used to it but because the city we were in was like there are only three or four other Fijians there in Tenjin.

Nemani, who was a founding member of the renowned Fijian band, Black Rose, said they were inspired to compose this song when they thought back of their life in China, seeing a plane go by and their only wish was to get on that plane to come back to Fiji.

“When we are abroad, we miss the food that we love here at home like long loaf and Rewa Butter, tea and lovo and live a simple life and this what was where we drew the inspiration of the song from.

“We always imagined how many people like us are out there earning for their families and sending money back and sacrificing their time so they can earn for their families,” Nemani said.

“So we are probably a mouthpiece for thousands and thousands Fijians out there.”

Talei said the message behind the song was love and family, especially for us here in the Pacific who want to travel and go overseas because we think life overseas is better.

But the truth, according to Talei is that nothing beats being home in a place like ours and we are lucky to be in a place which still has fresh air unlike some parts of the world where pollution is very high.

“Here at home, you can see the sun set and the main story behind the song is that there is no place like home.”

The song was launched on the night of the Fiji Performing Rights Association awards night at Suva’s Grand Pacific Hotel and is now playing on local radio stations.

This is their second single after releasing “Tuisi” last year.

They are also working on a new song to release later this year and a new album at the end of the year.

Nemani said a lot of people could relate to the song and they hoped it would bring them a sense of pride for their home country, Fiji.

He said the song would not have been a success without the major assistance of a few other local artistes who supported them.

Those who put together “I’m Coming Home”:

Waisale Qilatabu wrote the vucu;

Phil Dakei, production and he helped the music composition;

Nemani Vanua;

Philip Tigarea;

Joni Bola; and

Talei Draunibaka

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